Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Press letter: I'm proud and sad

AFTER reading in the Echo recently and seeing the City of Adelaide song on You Tube it made me both proud to be from Sunderland and disappointed.

As a former shipyard worker, the whole Adelaide idea, to me, is a genuine effort by people with a love of Sunderland, campaigning for the city that they love and support with passion.

On the other hand, the sad lack of support from the majority of those in the comfortable set-up that is Sunderland Civic Centre is a complete disgrace, likewise with the city's MPs and candidates for the forthcoming election.

I have made a pledge to the Adelaide campaign and intend to buy several copies of the Adelaide song CD, some of which I will send to exiled Sunderland shipyard workers who also care passionately about Sunderland's City of Adelaide ship.

Ken Thompson, Sunderland

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