Tuesday 9 March 2010

Press letter: Marvellous efforts

AFTER reading in the Echo about the marvellous efforts of The Adelaide movement to bring the famous ship back home to the Wear, I think the people of Wearside should buy the Adelaide CD and Adelaide rock to help this terrific cause.

Councillor Peter Maddison deserves the highest praise for his efforts to make this great dream become a reality.

It's the first time I have ever praised a Sunderland councillor but in this case it is completely justified. As for the other members of Sunderland City Council, I wonder why they are not publicly backing the wonderful ambitious plan to bring back Wearside's exiled treasure.

This is a chance that cannot be wasted. While the Vaux site can still be developed, hopefully in the near future one day, The Adelaide needs to be saved by March 31, and if this is not achieved, then yet another opportunity will have been wasted and the guilty people will know what they have done.

John Turner, Coxhoe