Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"Nil Desperandum shipmates..."

According to Chris Mullin MP there is only 20% of the ship left intact. Other MPs, MEPs are no better informed; or they chose not to be informed. I’ve been pursuing the ship for more than ten years now. In the early days I believed once our elected members were informed of the true condition of the ship and her massive importance to Sunderland, they would leap at the chance to help. They didn’t and they won’t. I do not despair at their lack of involvement. They will have their arses kicked soon enough.

The recovery of the Adelaide is down to people like you and I and the rest of the town. In spite of all the obstacles and lack of assistance from Council we can pull it off. We have the town behind us. Our campaign has now got national as well as international attention. I know the media can be a double edged sword but at the moment they are full behind us:

We are a nation of shipbuilders and seafarers not a nation of landlubbers; they love a great David and Goliath story.

I’m in talks now with three separate film companies who want the job, and the exclusivity, of filming the recovery.

NIL DESPERANDUM shipmates...

Everyday now more and more people are coming onboard. We’ve now got a great campaign song. The CD will be available soon. The City of Adelaide song is going to be heard in all the bars and clubs of Sunderland, and sadly for the Australians, in Adelaide too. The ship is coming home to the Wear and not to South Australia. SCARF is not going to let anybody down. We are working day and night to complete our business/recovery/sustainability plan to present to the Scottish government and others.

We are never going to give up the fight to recover the ship for Sunderland. We do need all the help we can get.

Thank you again to you and your friends for supporting the great cause to recover the clipper.

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