Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"...If only there was a way to shake the apathy out of people..."

Dear Sir, first off can i just say that never have I felt the need to put pen to paper (not literally in this case) about any subject, hence this letter may not make much sense. As I have no family ties to shipbuilding, or any connections to shipbuilding for that matter, its not a shipbuilding reason for wanting to see Adelaide back home, although thats a very worthy cause on its own. For me its about the City where im from and all things Sunderland.

If only some more of our elected representatives had the vision and fight that you seem to possess. Or if it belonged to that City which thinks and acts like a City should, you know the one, its not far from where we are and begins with an `N`. Im sure the Adelaide would have been home and sitting proudly on its Quayside.

Why or how cant they see what a great addition this would be to our port, it really does beggar belief that nothing seems to be being done to get her home, surely they can see the potential growth in investment just through tourism alone. How great would it look sitting opposite maybe the Glass Centre.

I could really go on forever about the Council's lack of support, but I
dont want to spoil my day.

Can I just say thanks and all the best in your endeavours, and you have my full support and im sure the majority of Sunderland would echo that. If only there was a way to shake the apathy out of people, that includes me. It has taken me this long to show my support, having read
the numerous letters in `the echo` and complained about nothing being done, which my wife is sick of hearing by the way.

Many thanks for your superb efforts and heres to your success.

Mr.William Young

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