Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Press letter: Buy Adelaide CD

I HAD the pleasure of being at the first official airing of the Adelaide song at Paddy Whacks pub in Sunderland City Centre recently.

What a tremendous night it was and all for a very good cause. I really hope this song galvanises the Adelaide campaign, and having talked to Scarf leader and Sunderland Independent Councillor Peter Maddison on that memorable night in Green Terrace, I was left in no doubt as to the importance of the Wearside icon coming home.

What I fail to understand is why other local politicians do not back this historic campaign. Why are there question not being asked at a higher level about the massive funding of the Cutty Sark ship while the Adelaide is completely neglected or maybe as the Cutty Sark is London based then the north-south divide rears its ugly head once again?

Fair play to the Echo for putting the Adelaide song on the Echo website and I look forward to seeing the performance of the song again on the forthcoming BBC documentary about the Adelaide.

I would urge everyone who cares about Sunderland to buy the Adelaide CD and by doing so play a part in bringing the Adelaide ship back to its rightful place on the Wear.

Tom Harvey, Sunderland

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