Wednesday 10 March 2010

Press letter: I can't believe it!

I CAN'T believe that Sunderland Council would let The City of Adelaide be broken up or go to Australia.

Could you really see Newcastle/Gateshead letting this situation happen? Sunderland Council you are a disgace! No imagination.

We want leaders with vision. Just look at the quaysides and riversides at Newcastle, Hartlepool even Teesside.

I think the councillors after the next election will be in for a shock. They have really under-estermated the feelings of the Sunderland people if there is not a positive outcome regarding the Adelaide's return to the Wear.

Why should we vote for you, if you can't get right something that is so fundamentally the obvious thing to do.

There are more people in the city of Sunderland than in Newcastle, so there is more revenue for the council than in Newcastle. Do we really look richer than Newcastle? Why are their council plans and ambitions grander than ours – and they usually get built!

Sunderland Council, surprise us all and just do something! I did like the light projections around the city recently. What a shame it wasn't publicised till the last minute.

Tony Wardle, Sunderland