Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Press letter: Help us bring City of Adelaide back home

I FOUND an old photograph of me steering the Anna Kristina up the coast of Norway to the Lofoten Islands and beyond. Happy days!

I'm looking forward to "steering" the City of Adelaide around Cape Wrath and back home to Sunderland.

March the 31st, break up or recovery day is looming.

Scarf is frantically working on completing our recovery/business/sustainability plan to present to the Scottish Government and to others. We all need deadlines to work to or nothing gets done. But we wouldn't mind some help.

If you have a business or an engineering or a creative head please get in touch with me.

The greatest shipbuilding town in the world has got an opportunity to recover one of its own. The Adelaide will bring great pride and meaning back to an empty river.

The Adelaide will create hundreds of training and apprenticeship and business opportunities.

We don't need a great deal of money to recover the ship. We do need to be able to prove that we have the support of the city.

The future of the ship must be sustainable. We have to prove that the ship will be in safe and capable hands when she is back here.

If you have some fire in your belly and love for your home town, please contact me. Let's bring Adelaide home together and prove to the world that we are still capable of doing great things.

Coun Peter Maddison


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