Friday 5 March 2010

Press release: Minister considers options for the SV Carrick

Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop today (Friday) clarified the options for the future of the SV Carrick.

The Carrick, also known as the City of Adelaide, is an A-listed ship berthed in Irvine at the Scottish Maritime Museum.

In answer to questions from Irene Oldfather MSP the Minister said:

“The Scottish Government has been working closely with a number of stakeholders to explore what realistic options exist for securing the future of this category A listed ship. Historic Scotland has recently commenced a detailed evaluation of possible options in order to help support the eventual decision-making process.

“These options are:

Removal to Sunderland;
Removal to Adelaide in South Australia;
Retention in an a different location in Scotland; and
Managed Deconstruction of the vessel.

“None of these options is straightforward, but by undertaking this exercise we will be able to take a fully informed and open decision as to the best outcome for the vessel.

“Officials from the Scottish Government and from Historic Scotland have held a wide range of discussions with a number of bodies and individuals regarding this Category A listed ship.

“These have included the Scottish Maritime Museum, the Advisory Committee of National Historic Ships (the UK wide body with a remit for historic vessels), North Ayrshire Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund, groups from Sunderland (SCARF) and from Australia (The Clipper Ship, City of Adelaide Ltd) and the UK Government’s Department for Culture Media and Sport. I have personally met with a delegation from the Australian group and have subsequently spoken to the South Australian Minister for Transport. “